CSI 2024 Ticket Notice(English version)

[CSI 2024] Ticket opening information

Camp Swing It 2024, the biggest holiday for swing dancers, welcomes you! Are you ready to end your pandemic break and embark on a new adventure? CSI focuses solely on swing jazz, swing dance, and socializing with people. Therefore, an opportunity to quench the thirst that has not been quenched for five years awaits you. Let's make new memories by participating in this special experience filled with missed people, new encounters, and fun social activities. We look forward to even more upgraded energy and passion from those who have been waiting for CSI. We are waiting for you at the newly renovated Cheongshim.

Ticket application

For applications for CSI 2024, we would like to provide a variety of options beyond the ticket sales method that has been packaged so far. In order to reduce the factor of price increase as much as possible and cater to the tastes and circumstances of participants, this time, we have separated parties, accommodations, meals, workshops, etc. so that they can choose individually. This separate sales method will be a more reasonable choice for those who want to camp or drive home at the Cheongshim Training Center site, or who want to stay at a nearby accommodation or return home after a party, or who do not like group meals or need other options.

[Required] Party

[Optional] Accommodation

[Optional] Meal

[Optional] Lesson

[Optional] Competition

KLHC is affiliated with CSI, but is a separate, independent competition. Accordingly, application is also processed separately, and if you are not a CSI participant, you can participate by purchasing a separate participant pass.

  • Ticket open: 2pm TUE, JAN 16, 2024

  • Ticket quantity: 50 pairs domestically and internationally, opening in phases.

    • Accommodation at the 2024 event venue will be limited to 300 people on a first-come, first-served basis on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    • Accommodation at the 2024 event venue will be limited to 200 people on a first-come, first-served basis on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • How to reserve: Apply through the registration system on the website and deposit into account within the deadline (separate for overseas applicants)

    • Payment is made on a first-come, first-served basis after application, so please make the deposit immediately after applying.
    • If payment is not confirmed within 1 hour after application, the opportunity will be passed on to a waiting list.
    • If you are unable to purchase a ticket due to a delay in application ranking, you will receive a refund immediately.
    • Overseas participants can choose between PayPal remittance or remittance to the CSI representative in each country.
  • Deposit account:

  • Refund Policy: No refunds. Transferable. Credit transfer possible.

    • Swing It Credit: Points that can be used instead of cash at events hosted by Swing It (validity period: 10 years)
    • Target events: CSI, KLHC, The Battle Series, Swing It Special, etc.
  • Comparison with previous events

CSI 2024 will do our best to give you a better experience with a new look.